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Brian Lewis the Scratch Master featured in the Wall Street Journal (PDF – 302kb)

Brian LewisHi, my name is Brian Lewis. I am the owner/operator for Scratch Master. I fix your car’s minor scratches, chips, dents, dings, & bumper scrapes. My customers regularly tell me that my service is “Better than a body shop.” Here’s why:


Mobile service at your home or work place rain or shine.
Avoid the hassle of driving around to body shops and waiting in their lobby.



Average repair time is 30 minutes to 3 hours, not days like most repair shops.



The services and products I provide surpass the quality of most repair shops. With my retractable awning & top of the line tools, I have all the appropriate gear and specialized training to make your vehicle’s damage appear as if it had never existed! Ask about our lifetime warranty.

Value for Your Hard Earned DollarVALUE FOR YOUR HARD EARNED DOLLAR

There are four reasons why you’ll save money:

  • I’m honest and I’m in your corner.
  • I trim the fat by using smarter, “keep it small” repair methods.
  • Lower overhead.
  • Save 25%-85% off traditional body shop methods. Prices start at $85.


It’s not what I do, it’s how I do it that saves you time and money. Learn more by exploring this website or call me direct on my cell phone and I’ll explain: 1-888-SCRATCH (727-2824)

Auto bumper repair in Thornton

Auto bumper damage in Thornton? Save time, money and hassle on a top quality result. My bumper repair service van conveniently comes to your home or office for bumper repairs in Thornton.Why tie up your car in a body shop for days when I can fix it in 1 to 3 hours, with lower cost and top quality I do this through my commitment to specializing in keeping the repair area extremely small and using premium quality paint. Choose The Scratch Master to repair your bumper in Thornton today by calling 1-888-SCRATCH or 720-242-9595 for a fast response.

Bumper scratches & damage can be sanded, filled, primed and painted to match the exact factory color using our computerized paint matching system. I also repair dents in plastic bumpers by molding it back to its original shape and finish without adding fillers.If you are looking for a company to repair your plastic bumper in Thornton then give me a call.

These are the types of bumper repair services in Thornton that I offer:

Plastic bumper repair in Thornton

Bumper scratch repair in Thornton

Urethane bumper repair in Thornton

Metal bumper repair in Thornton

Bumper crack repair in Thornton

Front and rear bumper repair in Thornton

With over 13 years of experience and I-car certification, I have the experience and skills to fix your vehicle. We can provide you with a no cost quote for automobile bumper repair services in Thornton right now. Whether it’s a high end luxury car or economy driver, sports coupe, van, truck or motorcycle, Scratch Master can fix your bumper damage in Thornton. Auto Bumper repair services in Thornton is my specialty I’m dedicated to offering the best service and value in town. When your car is in a minor fender bender you can count on the professional service provided by my company to handle your automobile bumper repair services in Thornton. To learn more, visit my Scratch repair page for dent repair in Thornton. Or simply call me at 1-888-SCRATCH for a free phone quote

Auto rust and chip repair services in Thornton.

If your vehicle has rust or chip damage I can help with the repair process. If you have minor surface rust on the exterior of your automobile trust The Scratch Master to help remove the rust and repair the rust damage on your vehicle. Rust damage repair in Thornton is available by calling the telephone number above or clicking on our contact form. I use all of the best rust removal procedures and products to leave your car looking fixed and new again. Hail damage can leave your automobile full of dings, dents and chips, I provide chip repair services in Thornton to help bring your vehicles paint looking new and fresh. Rust will eat away your paint and leave ugly stains. With my proven techniques I can remove the rusty area and repair your paint back to its original state.

Car scratch repair in Thornton

Are you in need of car scratch repair in Thornton I conveniently come to your home or office in Thornton and surrounding areas for top quality repairs, saving you time, money, & hassle.But how Unlike conventional body shops in Thornton, I do not repaint entire panels for minor scratches and chips. I specialize in keeping the repair area localized and as small as possible. This preserves the original, perfect part of the panel rather than corrupting it by adding another coat of paint. This “keep it small” philosophy is not only more efficient, it helps you avoid problems associated with too much film thickness. Also, factory finish retains higher resale value than repainted panels. Are you wondering how to fix scratches on your car in Thornton With my car scratch repair service in Thornton I can restore the original look of your vehicle with my paint less scratch repair services in Thornton.

If your paint is compromised, there is more to consider than just the bad appearance factor. Humidity can get into your cars body and rust can begin to form. Not always, but sometimes. Be proactive What makes my automobile scratch repair in Thornton unique is the low cost affordable fee I charge vs. what a paint and auto body shop in Thornton would charge for repainting and repairs. To protect your car from rust and prevent from further harm, I can repair and paint small scratches and chips while the damage is still in its infancy stage. Please be aware, my mobile scratch repair service in Thornton has limitations and sometimes a body shop will be needed.

Below is a list of the types of car scratch repair services I provide:

Scratch repairs for cars in Thornton

Paint scratch repair in Thornton

Car scratch removal in Thornton

Deep car scratch repair in Thornton

Auto scratch remover in Thornton

Truck scratch repair in Thornton

Deep auto scratch removal in Thornton

Paint less scratch repair in Thornton

To learn how I can protect your investment & restore its appearance for a very reasonable price, visit my Scratch repair in Thornton page and Q&A page. Or simply call me at 1-888-SCRATCH for a free phone quote.

Paint less dent and Hail damage repair in Thornton

Car dent I come to your home or office in Thornton and surrounding areas specializing in Paint less Dent Repair (PDR) in Thornton and hail damage repair services in Thornton. My process saves you time, money, and hassle on a top quality repair.

What is Paint less Dent Repair in Thornton

It is the fastest, highest quality, least invasive, and most cost effective method in the world for repairing minor dents in Thornton. I use a specially designed light board that casts a reflective pattern on the dent. Then, working from behind the panel, I use custom crafted hand tools to give your dent hundreds of gentle, precise pushes to massage the metal back to its original contour. Paint less dent repair services in Thornton are available by calling our toll free number above. In my geographic repair coverage area is known for storm and hail damage. If your vehicle has hail damage that needs repair in Thornton then Call Today I specialize in hail damage repair services in Thornton.

There’s no sanding, no filler, no paint, and no waste Since I do not corrupt your finish by filling the dent and repainting the panel, I preserve the originality of your factory finish. There’s no risk of a paint mismatch and additionally, original factory finish retains higher resale value. It’s the closest you can get to like it never happened in the first place. When a storm happens and your car or truck gets pounded with large ice chips and hail, auto body shops in Thornton will charge an arm and a leg to remove the dents out of your car or truck in Thornton.

Most dents are fixed within an hour and pricing is average 1/3 the cost of a conventional body shop repair (50%-90% off depending on your situation)It’s more than a process, it’s an art form. There’s no smoke and mirrors here and yes there are limitations. But I am a highly skilled technician with 13 years experience and I’d love to repair your dents in Thornton, dings, creases, and hail damage in Thornton and surrounding areas.

Here is a list of the types of Paint less dent repair and Hail damage services I offer:

Hail damage repair in Thornton

Hail damage car repair in Thornton

Auto hail damage repair in Thornton

Paint less hail dent repair in Thornton

Car hail damage repair in Thornton

To learn more, see my dent page, hail damage page, and Q&A page. Or simply call me at 1-888-SCRATCH for a free phone quote.


Dent, door ding and scratch repair in Thornton

If you need automobile dent removal in Thornton, door ding repair in Thornton, scratch repair in Thornton, hail damage repair, and even leather / interior repair in Thornton..You’ve come to the right place I come to your home or office in Thornton and surrounding areas to save you time & money on quality repairs. It’s not so much what I do, it’s how I approach your damage with my “keep it small” philosophy that makes the difference.I create tailor made options ranging from “perfect” to “near perfect” to “that’s a lot better than it was” in order to satisfy your goals and budget. If your door has a dent or a ding look no further I can remove your dents in Thornton with my paint less dent repair techniques. In order to become dent certified you must have knowledge and “The know how” to perform and produce excellent results If you need dent and ding repair in Thornton, choose The #1 choice online

While my “keep it small” service does have limitations, I am proficient in the art of the small perfect repair and can return your vehicle to like-new condition. I provide 13 years of knowledge, skill and experience. All of my work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed so feel confident in allowing me to work on your vehicle.

Mobile auto body shop in Thornton

If you are looking for a mobile auto body shop in Thornton call me today In some cases your vehicle does not need to go into a physical auto body shop in Thornton. With my mobile auto body service in Thornton I can do the same work at the lowest cost without moving your car or truck one inch My mobile body shop in Thornton is fast and reliable I fix minor and some major dents, dings and scratches off of your vehicle with my low cost affordable mobile auto body solutions in Thornton.

If you would like a free ballpark quote, call me directly (this is faster and better communication). My number is 1-888-SCRATCH (888-727-2824). Let’s briefly discuss your damage so I can gain understanding as to which option will make the most sense for your goals and budget. You can also visit my free quote page, fill out the form and I will personally contact you usually within 1 business day. Thank you for your consideration and for visiting my website.

Brian Lewis, Scratch Master owner / expert technician.