Selling a damaged car?


Wall Street Journal Article Here (PDF – 302kb)

Selling a damaged car and want maximum profit? My convenient, on-site scratch & dent inspection will put you in a better position to sell your used car and not get low-balled.

It’s a buyer’s market. Every day the classifieds are jam packed with cars, trucks and RV’s competing for the sale. Hands down, the #1 most powerful influence on the buyer is a high quality appearance or “like new” look. Your car, brought to its highest level of quality appearance, will sell faster at a higher price. Your book will get judged by its cover – big time. Consider the Kelley Blue Book comparison below. When all other things are equal, a car decreases in value dramatically when it has paint defects or cosmetic body damage… All cars are 2001 with 60,000 miles, and are otherwise in great shape.

Kelley Blue Book values current as of August 2006:

Selling A Damaged CarThese numbers are real. That’s why dealers strongly believe in the “like new” look. Every single car that comes in to a reputable dealership gets closely inspected for cosmetic scratches and dents. If the car is thrashed, the dealer will usually sell the car “as is”. But if the car has a few boo-boos and is otherwise in great shape, the dealer will consistently invest in these cars almost without exception. A little cosmetic work goes a long way toward bringing a used car to that “like new” look. It’s called getting the car “front-line ready” and is essential when you are selling a damaged car. This does not cost the dealer money, rather it makes them money and saves them time. But it started with an inspection.  If your selling a damaged car do not hesitate to get your free quote today!

Scratch Master is the Solution!

For years I have helped car dealers, businesses, and private parties sell their car faster and for a higher profit. I know the most efficient ways and “magic” tricks of the trade to rid your car of cosmetic damage at a price that makes good business sense for you.

Selling a damaged car starts with my convenient on-site inspection. Here’s my personal promise: I will never encourage wasteful spending. I will only make recommendations on how to get the car “front-line ready” at a price that makes good business sense. If I believe you’d be better off selling your damaged car “as is”, I will be honest and tell you that.

Here is a review from a satisfied customer:

Hi Brian,

Nice work  you did on my black Honda CRV a few weeks back.
I sold it for full asking price.
Thank you!

Lee K. Littleton, CO

I strongly recommend my on-site inspection for three reasons:

  • When it comes to cars, people do judge a book by its cover.  Selling a damaged vehicle can leave you at risk of having to settle for a lower amount.
  • Even the subtlest thing that you have become oblivious to can turn a buyer off.
  • Because what you don’t know honestly can be costly.  Selling a damaged car is worth a free quote.