Car Scratch Repair

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Car scratch repair is one of The Scratch Master’s specialties!

The Problem:

  • Bumper Scrapes
  • Paint Scratches
  • Rust
  • Nicks & Scuffs
  • Hood Chips
  • Key Scratches
Car Scratch Repair - Before & After

The Solution?

Compare Scratch Master experience VS Conventional Auto Body Shop experience

Auto Body Shop: Traditional auto body shops will always be a much needed service in our community. They have their place, and are necessary if you’ve been in a wreck or if you need a large area of your car painted. However, if your damage is more cosmetic, like for a small to medium car scratch repair; using a traditional auto body shop can often be like agreeing to leg surgery when all you have is a scraped knee. Here’s an average experience:

First, it will cost you time, gas and hassle to schedule your initial estimate and waiting in their lobby. Then coordinating rides for the cars drop off and pick up. Next, you entrust your car to 3 to 4 different employees. They keep your car for a few days (if not weeks), moving your car around their shop with other paint projects. Then, there’s the conventional repair philosophy you’ll need to navigate: Traditional paint shops typically require the painting of entire panels even for the smallest car scratch repair, chips, & bumper scrapes. This procedure is often (not always) grossly unnecessary. It can oftentimes do more harm than good when they repaint over the “perfect” section of your factory finish needlessly. This can cause unnecessary devaluing of your car from both a monetary, visual, and durability perspective. With today’s high shop rent, labor, materials, and waste disposal charges, the average auto body shop has to charge significantly high prices for even the smallest car scratch repair. And don’t forget the potential reporting to CAR FAX, expense of leasing a rental car. But there is a better way……

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Scratch Master:

Scratch Master - Car Scratch Repair

Expert in small, perfect repairs

You entrust your car to one person, an I-car certified paint technician. With over 16 years experience., I the owner specialize in keeping the repair area extremely small. This avoids corrupting your original paint finish which often results in retaining higher value in your car.

Smartest car scratch & car dent repair technologies..

Smarter, More efficient Repair Methods

My micro repairs are often perfect for the situation since I utilize the most modern techniques in paint matching and blending. The paint system I use is top quality and is officially factory approved by every major auto manufacturer worldwide including Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Toyota/Lexus, Mercedes, Porsche, Vokswagen and others.

Convenient car scratch & car dent repair services.


Scratch Master comes to your home or work place for estimates & small to medium repairs.

Save time on your car scratch & car dent repair services.

Save Time

Average repair time is 1 to 4 hours, not days.


Scratch Master can do the same showroom quality work as a full auto body shop with guaranteed durability, factory color match, and “like new” look. I provide options ranging from “100% perfect” to “major improvement” to “better than it was”.

Scratch Master’s processes can often save you money compared to a traditional body shop because:

  • Paint repairs are kept small.
  • Lower overhead. Deal directly with the owner.
  • Many jobs are less than your deductible. Avoid a claim, higher rates, and rental car cost.

All The Scratch Master’s work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed so feel confident in allowing me to work on your vehicle.

Warmest Regards, Brian