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Expert mobile dent repair!

The Problem:

  • Dents
  • Dings
  • Creases
  • Minor Accidents
Car Demt Repair - Before & After

The Solution?

The #1 solution is: Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

What is PDR?  PDR is the art of reshaping a dent to make it completely disappear with no sanding, no bondo, & no painting.

Benefits of our paintless dent repair service*:

  • Convenient: we come to your home or work
  • Save time / avoid body shop hassle & mindset
  • Premium quality results
  • Usually less expensive than traditional body & paintwork
  • Avoid repaint integrity problems
  • Avoid a Carfax report (if there’s no insurance claim) = no red flags
  • *on qualifying damage (sorry, no wrecks)

Fair Warning!

Fair Warning!.

Paintless Dent Repair is a higher quality repair when compared to traditional paint and body shop work!  Now don’t take me wrong, we are always going to need body shops to take on damage that is severe.  But if your dent can be repaired properly with pdr, then do not have your panel replaced!  And do not have your dent filled with bondo, then repainted at a body shop!  It’s a no-brainer!

Pdr is higher quality repair because there’s no sanding, bondo or painting involved.  We keep your car’s paint “original” and “factory perfect” rather than corrupt it.  Why is this important?  Your original, factory paint finish is the definition of “perfect”.  It is ideal and superior to a repaint in terms of durability, appearance, and film thickness.   An unpainted car has a higher sales value when compared to if it has been repainted.  At car dealerships: on trade-ins, they will often use a paint meter to see if a car has been repainted and deduct the price accordingly.  Also, a repaint risks incurring problems (more on this below).  So don’t corrupt your factory finish! Fall in love with it!  “Preserving” is better than “repainting”.

Compare the process:
Conventional body shop vs Scratch Master

The auto body shop experience:

The conventional body shop process is legitimate and absolutely the right choice for severe damage.  But, when it comes to minor/medium ding & dent repair, the traditional auto body shop process can be like agreeing to surgery when all you need is some dent “massage”.

The conventional process: You spend precious time visiting body shops for an estimate.  You choose a shop, then entrust your car to 3-4 different employees.  Your car is there for days (sometimes weeks) being moved around to accommodate other jobs.  Bondo dust and paint fumes are present.  The majority of the dent gets banged out from behind sometimes leaving pockmarks on the back of your panel.   Add bondo pic in here somewhere Next, they grind the damage mostly flat, then fill inconsistencies with bondo. Finally, sand bondo smooth, spray primer, then repaint the entire panel.  Even a quality auto body shop often has to re-paint 2-4 already perfect panels to blend it out for a proper color match.  The cost can easily start around $700-$900 and often exceeds $2,000 plus the potential hidden costs of a rental car, insurance deductible, a rate increase, Carfax report, and diminished value.

The biggest downside is that your “perfect” factory paint job has now been corrupted and it will never be the same.  This corruption caused your car to lose monetary and utility value needlessly! Also, a repaint can often be less durable than “original” when film thickness goes beyond manufacturers specs (it happens often).

The Scratch Master experience:

Someone you can trust.

Expert in small, perfect repairs

You entrust your car to one person – me, the owner/technician. I have over 18 years of experience in mobile paintless dent repair.

Convenient car scratch & car dent repair services.


I bring my fully equipped service van to your home or workplace. Avoid the hassle of driving to body shops, waiting in their lobby, and scheduling rides.

Save time on your car scratch & car dent repair services.

Save Time

Average repair time is 1 to 4 hours, not days or weeks.

Smartest car scratch & car dent repair technologies..

Smarter, More efficient Dent Repair Methods

We specialize in PDR which is minimally invasive (more like a dent “massage”, not major surgery). Key proper steps to do it right! It’s how we fix minor damage that makes us different.

Highest quality  car scratch & car dent repair technologies.

Highest Quality Repair

Scratch Master specializes in paintless dent repair done right! I keep the repair area extremely small, while leaving the rest of the panel untouched (factory perfect). I utilize state of the art restoration systems and the most advanced methods in the automotive industry. With proven expertise & an 18 year track record, I can obtain showroom quality results with guaranteed durability. Ask about our lifetime warranty. Great value: Often save money when compared to conventional body shop methods! How?

  1. Efficiency: We fix just the dent, not the entire panel.  Lower
  2. Avoid hidden costs like:
    • No Carfax report in most cases:  Avoid reduced buyer confidence.
    • Avoid diminished value from repainting.
    • Avoid an insurance claim and rate increase.
    • We help prevent many potential problems and future costs that can result from a repaint.

Highest quality  car scratch & car dent repair technologies.

Value For Your Money

Often save money compared to conventional body shop methods! How? Four reasons why:

  1. We trim the fat by keeping repair area extremely small.
  2. No Carfax reported in most cases. Avoid diminished value & reduced buyer confidence.
  3. No insurance rate increase when we help you avoid a claim.
  4. Our optimal repairs help prevent many potential problems and future costs that can result from a repaint. (See **fair warnings below).

Let Scratch Master™ make your car look & feel like new again! Give us a call now at 720-242-9595. Or toll free at 1-888-SCRATCH (727-2824). You may also send us an email.

Note: I can fix your dent even if it has paint damage (see scratch page). My on-site process has limitations depending on the severity of the damage. Many times the damage is minor enough that my repairs are 100% perfect. In cases where the damage is more severe, I can provide a “near perfect” major improvement where you’d have to take a second look to find the repair. Upon inspection, I will tell you the expected result and you can decide. If your damage is too severe, there is no substitute for a conventional auto body shop or collision center.

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