Paintless Dent Repair Process! NO sanding, NO bondo, NO painting…

Dent RepairThe Problem:

The Solution:

Scratch Master vs. Auto Body Shop

Auto Body shop – The traditional auto body shop process is great for severe damage. But when it comes to minor ding and dent repair, the traditional auto body shop process can often be a gross waste of time, money, and your factory finish.  Why?

Here’s the typical process: You drop your car off and entrust it to 3-4 different employees. Your car will be there for usually a few days (sometimes weeks).

The majority of the dent gets banged out from behind sometimes leaving pock marks on the back of your panel. Grind damage mostly flat then fill inconsistencies with bondo. Sand bondo smooth, primer it, then paint.  Even a quality auto body shop often has to re-paint 2-4 (already perfect) panels to blend it out for a proper color match.  And the cost usually starts around $400-$600 and often exceeds $1200 plus the cost of a rental car.

The biggest downside is that your “perfect” factory paint job has now been “corrupted” and it will never be quite the same (even if it “looks” perfect).  Your car loses value since you lost your valuable factory finish needlessly.


Wall Street Journal Article Here (PDF – 302kb)

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Scratch Master – Here’s my process:



You entrust your car to one person – me, the owner/technician.  I have over 13 years of experience in dent repair.




I come to your home or work rain or shine.  Dent repair is as easy as a phone call.



Smarter, More Efficient Dent Repair Methods

PDR is the fastest, highest quality, & most cost effective method in the world for repairing minor dents in many, many cases. It is the method of first resort.



Highest Quality Dent Repair

I  preserve your original, valuable factory finish. And the result is, “Wow! It’s Gone!”



Save Time

Average dent repair time is 30 minutes to 3 hours, not like most repair shops which can take days.



Value For Your Hard Earned Dollar

In many cases I can save you significant money on traditional dent repair methods. Prices vary depending on size, dent location, sharpness, accessibility, and volume discounts.  I strive to be your very best overall value.

Fact! : The PDR process is so sensible, insurance companies have adopted it as the #1 preferred method for repairing minor damage.

So give me a call today. I guarantee your satisfaction.

Call 1-888-SCRATCH now for a free “ballpark” phone quote, or visit our online estimate page, fill out the form and Brian will contact you usually within 1 business day.

Note: I can fix your dent even if it has paint damage (see scratch page). My on-site process has limitations depending on the severity of the damage.  Many times the damage is minor enough that my repairs are perfect.  In cases where the damage is more severe, I can provide a “near perfect” major improvement where you’d have to take a second look to find the repair.  Upon inspection, I will tell you the expected result and you can decide.  If your damage is too severe, there is no substitute for an excellent auto body shop or panel replacement.